My story

The reason why

I've been reluctant to add this section to the site.  However I've gotten so many customers that have told me this should be here, so here it is.  Originally posted as an introduction to Stihl Chainsaw Fans Group on Facebook. (Edited for the site)

"I wanted to share my saws with everyone and the reason why I build them. I was a logger for most of my working life, until about a year ago when CHF forced me to leave the woods.
I fought it hard, I had to get wood on the ground so everyone down the line kept working but I couldn't even make it to the truck in the morning to head out without being exhausted, 15% heart function does that. So I had to walk away from it. It takes grit to make it out there, something I don't see a whole lot of anymore. It's dangerous and over the years you see people get hurt or worse but you get up every day and keep going. My saws are a tribute to all the fallen loggers and men tough enough to stand behind one all day. For all you gritty hard nosed f*uckers that don't have "I can't" in your vocabulary. I build them because if it wasn't for my heart I'd be right there with them where I belong. Instead here I am building badass custom saws for people that get it and because I don't have shit else to do. A lot of people want them so all I can say is, I'll build as many as I can before I'm gone."